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Sonde Housing (Rock bottom Price)$$$$$



The INCREDIBIT® sonde housing is manufactured from the finest alloy steel available which virtually eliminates over-flexing, bending, or cracking.

Tri-lock Door
The patented Tri-Lock side load housing door is tooled from pre-hardened steel, and offers strength and durability along with security to keep your valuable transmitter where it belongs – in the housing.

Electronics Friendly
The INCREDIBIT® housing is designed with sonde blocks which absorb vibration and save wear on your sonde’s locating keyway. This system holds the sonde securely in the housing which results in less vibration, a more reliable signal, and increased battery life.

The INCREDIBIT® sonde housing was developed with repairability in mind. Our sonde housings are assembled with a main body and a housing saver. If the threads on the housing saver get damaged, the housing saver can be replaced without having to replace the entire sonde housing.


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