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May 25, 2017
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Endurance Product line (Rock Bottom Price)



The Endurance product line consists of a series of conventional bits and a sonde housing that is designed for contractors who do not drill in the kind of conditions that require an INCREDIBIT®

Solid Connection
The “key” feature of the Endurance line is how we attach the bits to the housing. We’ve developed a keyway system that takes the side stress off the bolts which virtually eliminates the problem of drill bits breaking off the housing.

Durable Housing
While the Endurance housings are designed specifically for the Endurance bits, they incorporate many of the most popular features of our INCREDIBIT® housing, but at a much lower cost. We’ve used the Tri-Lock door and sonde blocks to protect the transmitter. We also use housing savers so, if the threads get messed up, you don’t have to buy a whole new housing. We believe the Endurance housings will outlast any other dirt housing that’s on the market today.

The Endurance line uses all of our current connections to the most popular HDD machines including the Railhead Quick Connect System. For contractors who use the INCREDIBIT®, the Endurance bits are designed to also fit the INCREDIBIT® housing.


From the INCREDIBIT® to the Endurance line, Railhead’s products are designed to provide contractors the ultimate reliability in downhole tooling.


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