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Rock and Tree Handler

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The Rock and Tree Handler is the ideal multi-purpose attachment. Originally designed to handle palm trees, the Rock and Tree Hand is used for much more applications.  Precise and Powerful, it is the perfect tool to handle heavy material that needs an accurate set-up. Mounted on a rotating base, it will rotate up to 127 degrees, and opens up to 46 inches. The Rock and Tree Hands unique design insures even clamping pressure, preventing slippage. With the Rock and Tree Hand, the operator can easily pick up trees, rocks, or any other material and place it where he wants, the way he wants.


• Fits all the Skid Steers equipped with the Universal Quick’Tach.
• Mounted on a rotating base, can rotate up to 127 degrees.
• Designed to insure an even clamping pressure.
• Designed with heavy duty rubbers to protect the material being handled.
• Made of 3/8 inch steel grade 50 or higher.
• The clamping is activated by two 3’’ X 6’’ cylinders which can be adjusted to handle delicate material.
• The tips come standard with rubber tips but are designed to receive the optional Rock Tips or the optional Finger
Tip extensions.


The powerful Tree Hand allows the owner to move all types of Nursery stock, whether potted, balled or bare even standing trees! The inside of the Tree Hand is lined with rubber bumpers to protect your stock from damage.


Building retaining walls, moving heavy rocks, becomes an easy task with the Rock and Tree Hand. No more pry bars, pinched fingers or workers compensation claims.


The Rock and Tree hand works for you .Its ultra precision in the clamping function as well as the rotation function, will allow the operator experienced or not to do the job safely and in a timely manner

The Rock and Tree Hand is currently being used in the following industries:

• Landscaping
• Nursery
• Pole Building
• Fencing
• Oil Field
• Foundations
• Pilings
• Farming
• Drilling
• Forestry
• Mining
• Electrical and Plumbing
• Parks and Recreation
• Government


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