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O-pile Ring Bit

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O-pile Ring Bit Systems are used to drill straight interlocked casings through boulders, rock layers even into inclined bed rock.

With O-pile technique one can build interlocked casing walls, roofs and other structures for construction industry.

O-Piles can also replace sheet piles and slurry walls in rocky ground conditions.

System is available from 273 to 1220 mm casings and for all major shank designs.

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O-pile Wall

Main Applications

  • O-pile walls
  • O-pile roofs
  • Cofferdams
  • Retaining walls
  • Watertight cut off walls

Design Features

  1. Oversized ring bit drills room for female connector
  2. Performance steel casing shoe
  3. Heavy duty ring bit
  4. Ring bit protects the pilot gauge buttons
O-Pile Wall Ring Bit Systems

O-pile Wall


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