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PEGASUS 45.30 ­

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The PEGASUS series consists of telehandlers (with rotations either not continuous or 360° continuous) characterized by extreme flexibility of use. It is possible to install many different types of accessories that make them suitable to carry out many works, so that a single vehicle can operate as Telehandler, aerial platform and crane.
Pegasus 45.30 has a continuous 360° rotation. The main features of this machine are ease of use, strength, reliability and a full range of safety devices, including a load limiter, and a cutting-edge equipment for the total control of the vehicle in every effort, load, terrain and speed condition. It is equipped with outriggers with automatic leveling function, and an electronic control system (made with CANBUS technology) that allow it to operate in any position, in fact, according to the footprint base, the outriggers position and the load weight, the system measures in real time the best working and safety parameters by means of a thorough diagnostic, allowing total control of working conditions. The equipment also includes the new LOAD SENSING / FLOW SHARING hydraulic distributor and a new rotary joint with integrated rotation sensor. The wide and comfortable cab is equipped with a double touchscreen color display, that thanks to an intuitive graphical interface, allows the operator to keep all the vehicle functions under control. The capacitive joystick with deadman sensor, accurate and sensitive, allows the turret rotation speed regulation/reduction. The automatic reversal system of the controls makes it possible to travel with 180° rotated turret, to easily move inside the narrow working areas.
The “ECOWORK” system combined with the joystick allows increased fuel savings, drawing power to the Diesel engine only when required. The already excellent cab comfort features (ROPS -FOPS approved and equipped with all safety devices and air conditioning) are further improved by the adoption of a new SMART navigation system for controlling the main electronic functions of the machine: Driving modes, Minimum RPM control, Forward speed and Diagnostics.

Maximum flow rate
4500 KG

Maximum lifting height
29.6 m

Maximum power
127 kW (170 HP)


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