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INCREDIBIT (Rock bottom Price)$$$



Railhead’s INCREDIBIT® drill head is named for its ability to bore and steer through tough, rocky conditions.
Its patented technology allows contractors to accomplish bores in ground that can not be drilled with conventional bits.
And, it allows smaller machines to drill through some conditions that would otherwise require a mud motor. It is truly a multipurpose bit that steers through soft conditions as well as rock and cobble.

How the Incredibit® works

The INCREDIBIT® bores in an entirely different manner than any other bit. Rather than using simple abrasion, the INCREDIBIT® fractures rock in a random elliptical pattern. It “dances” in the hole, allowing the INCREDIBIT® to be productive in all kinds of soils and formations.

Because of the “dancing” effect, the INCREDIBIT® bores a larger hole than conventional bits. In most conditions, a 2 ¾” bit will cut approximately a 4″ hole, a 3″ bit will cut approximately a 5″ hole, a 3 ½” bit will cut approximately a 6″ hole, and a 4 1/8″ bit will cut approximately an 8″ hole.


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